About us

With over 40 years in the business, Pro Natura is one of the oldest nature conservation consultancies in Sweden. The company started as HB Andersson & Appelqvist – Ecological Consultant in 1978 but was transformed into a commercial foundation in 1990 – Stiftelse Pro Natura. We believe that the conservation of biodiversity is of the utmost importance for a sustainable future, for future generations and for our quality of life.

Pro Natura consists of a team of experts, mainly focused on terrestrial ecosystems. Together, we have a wide range of expertise in biology, ecology, insects, fungi, lichens, biodiversity surveys, veteran trees, veteranisation, protected species and more. Pro Natura currently employs about twenty people, from full-time to part-time and as resources to strengthen our team where they contribute with their specialist expertise.

Our head office is in Gothenburg, but we have employees with local offices scattered over southern and central Sweden, including Alingsås, Stockholm, Skaraborg, Småland and Örebro. We are active throughout Sweden and abroad. We have worked in several other countries such as Norway, Finland, Spain, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and the UK and therefore have a large network of contacts throughout Europe.

Together with our partners, we can offer an even wider range of skills, to include surveys on both land and water. Our activities include biodiversity surveys (both according to the current Swedish Standard NVI and beyond), evaluations for nature reserves, preparation of management plans, in-depth species surveys (vascular plants, mosses, lichens, fungi, insects, birds, bats, aquatic organisms), surveys of veteran trees and avenues, as well as training in most of the aforementioned areas of activity. Over the years, we have produced documentation for nature conservation plans for several municipalities.

Pro Natura has also participated in the working group that has developed the national SIS standard for Biodiversity Assessments (NVI).

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