Care and management of ancient and other veteran trees.

The course is organised by the Swedish Tree Foundation. The course covers topics such as tree ageing, roots, management of ancient trees and the surrounding land, fungi and hole formation.

The course includes, among other things:

  • A review of how the management of ancient and other veteran trees relates to tree characteristics and the factors that affect them such as ageing and natural processes, root environment, hole formation and fungi as well as site, species and situation.
  • How to conduct a survey of a veteran tree taking into account all relevant factors to develop a management plan.
  • Analyses of what affects the sustainability of a population of protected trees and how to influence it.

The course is mainly aimed at people working with veteran trees or training in the subject.

Recommended prior knowledge: basic tree biology, the basic one-day VETree course or equivalent.This course can be part of the training for VETcert certification, if you have completed the VETree three-day course, you do not need to take this course as well.

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