Survey and identification of species

Documenting flora and fauna is an important planning tool when creating nature reserves, national parks, monitoring and for research. In depth species surveys and mapping of biodiversity are also important tools for sustainable urban planning and infrastructure projects.

Pro Natura is home to some of the country’s leading ecologists and species experts. We have specialist expertise within a wide range of organism groups such as birds, plants, lichens, fungi, butterflies, beetles, true flies, and spiders. If you need specialist support in terms of species, we are happy to provide our expertise. Our focus is terrestrial environments, but we also conduct species surveys in aquatic environments with our partners.

We undertake surveys of protected species and the potential impact on those species. We survey species-rich road verges, territory mapping of birds, and monitoring of other species or groups of species in the landscape.

What is the status of the alcon blue butterfly in the West of Sweden? What are the population trends for the tooth fungi or pig’s ears fungus? A species survey can provide answers to these questions.

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