Biodiversity Assessments (NVI)

A good level of knowledge is fundamental for good nature conservation work. This foundation is laid by high quality survey work. We have many decades of experience of carrying out all kinds of surveys in all terrestrial habitats across the country and in large parts of the rest of Europe.

Biodiversity Assessments (Naturvärdesinventeringar) make up one of the largest parts of our survey work currently. We undertake Biodiversity Assessments according to the current SIS Swedish standard in all habitat types, including aquatic environments, together with our partners.

We are also able to undertake all the potential additions which may be requested as a part of the Biodiversity Assessments according to the SIS standard, such as mapping of veteran trees, valuable elements, and in-depth species surveys.

Habitat surveys

We also carry out thematic habitat surveys, such as for wetlands, woodland key habitats, meadows and pastures, broadleaved woodlands etc.

We also carry out forest classification and forestry planning. We have participated in Sveaskog’s nature conservation surveys in their Ecoparks and undertaken habitat classification assessments in many military training areas.  

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