Training and education

Pro Natura has decades of experience of running different types of training and course activities in the field of nature conservation and ecology. We have either contributed or led training for national surveys such as Meadows and Pastures Surveys and Woodland Key Habitat Surveys. We have organised courses ourselves, on the theme of broadleaved woodlands and tree-habitats. We have organised courses in England, Estonia, Latvia, and Russia. Often in partnership with stakeholders in these countries – such as local authorities, nature conservation companies, nature conservation organisations and universities.

We have also held many courses on nature conservation in woodlands for municipalities, forestry organisations, county administrative boards and forestry companies such as Sydved, Sveaskog, Swedwood and Stora Enso.

Several of us have also been responsible for courses at universities. These courses cover conservation biology, conservation management, species knowledge, care and management of ancient trees, and ecology.

Over the years, Pro Natura has educated and trained several thousand people in nature conservation and ecology.

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